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Mini Leagues - Update

We are now entering the business end of the mini leagues! Our 2005+06 players are kicking things off tonight. Followed by our 2014-16, 2013+14 & 2011+12 teams all playing tomorrow...with every age group playing their finals on Sunday.

To view squads and fixtures please go to website, click on the "My RUFC" header and the "Mini Leagues" page (or follow the link below).

Some squad changes have been made over the last few days, to teams that are yet to play, so be sure to re-check your squad and fixtures before going to play your games.

Again we ask that players show up 30min before their first game is due to kick off.

(Note; all games are being played on the Astro pitch behind the tennis courts. That pitch has been separated out into smaller pitches based on player age & team sizes)

Please like, share and tag this message to/with anyone involved in this weekends games.

If there are any problems please email

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