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Strength and Conditioning Coach Required

Raheny United are looking to appoint a fully qualified trainer (or team of trainers) that will be solely responsible for the strength and conditioning of members within the club.

Our strength and conditioning room comes with a gym quality floor in place, 8no wall mounted Trx anchors, a selection of free weights, medicine balls, swiss balls and floor mats. We also have 8no spinning bikes set up in a separate room that can be moved into our strength and conditioning room, or used in the room they are currently in.

While allocating most evenings to work as the clubs trainer the appointed party could also opt to rent the facilities & equipment from us during the day to run their own classes from our clubhouse.

The clubhouse is located on All Saints Drive, across the road from Scoil Ide, Scoil Assaims and Scoil Aine.

If you or someone you know are interested in applying please forward your CV to

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